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Below is a list of on-line stores gathered from search engines or submitted by previous viewers.

Mediums & Glazes
Tools & Brushes
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Faux Finish & Paint-Effects courses

Mediums & Glazes
www.fauxlikeapro.com   produce and sell their own brand of glazefor  $53.95  per gallon.
www.paintstoreonline.com sell Polyvine glazes and varnishesfor  $45.97  per gallon.
www.epaintstore.com sell Zinsser's latex (water-based) mediumfor  $20.95  per gallon
www.decoratingdirect.co.uk sell J H Ratcliffe's transparent Oil glazefor  £37.99  per 2.5 litres
www.decoratingdirect.co.uk sell Zinsser's alkyd (oil-based) mediumfor  £36.99  per 3.78 litres
www.handover.co.uk sell J H Ratcliffe's acrylic scumble glazefor  £9.68  per 1 litre.
http://anniesloan.com sell a transparent water-based Glazing Mediumfor  £6.95  per 500 ml


  Tools & Brushes

  www.handover.co.uk Graining tools & brushes, signwriter's paint & sundries, craft & decorating tools ...
  www.heatoncooper.co.uk Artist's materials.
  www.decoratingdirect.co.uk Graining & effects tools. (Good prices)
  http://anniesloan.com/ Brushes & graining combs.
  www.paintstoreonline.com Faux Finish Brushes.
  http://fauxfinishingshoppe.com Faux Finish Tools.
www.finepaints.com Graining tools.
www.epaintstore.com Faux Finish Tools & brushes.
www.rexart.com Brushes & graining combs (Good prices).
www.fauxlikeapro.com Large, varied range .


Store locator
Argentina Alba
Brazil Coral
China Dulux
France Dulux Valentine
Germany Dulux
Hong Kong Dulux
India Dulux
Indonesia Dulux
Ireland Dulux
Malaysia Dulux
Russia Dulux
Singapore Dulux
UK S.J. Dixon & Son Ltd
UK Focus D.I.Y.
UK Dulux
Uruguay Dulux
USA Dulux
USA Sherwin-Williams


Faux Finish & Paint-Effects courses

Van Der Kelen - Logelain - Brussels, Belgium

FR     Ipedec - Pantin, France

UK     carte blanche - Auchterarder, Perthshire

UK     Hampstead Decorative Arts - Hampstead Heath, London

UK     Paint-Inspirations - Burton-on-Trent, Staffordshire

USA   Mike MacNeil - Southern California

USA   Wonder Faux - Santa Clarita, CA

USA   Faux is me - Atlanta, GA

USA   Classic Faux Studios - Farmingdale, NY

USA   Dundean Studios - Chatham, NJ



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