Bird's eye Maple.

Bird's eye Maple reproduction


  Maple logs with irregular growth are rotary cut to produce Bird's-eye maple veneers.

  Bird's-eye maple, a variety of sugar maple, differs from regular maples by having pronounced mottles & small pects (eyes).
  Curly (Tiger) maple also has mottles (crossfires) but it is more regular in pattern.

  Maple is a light wood that, through the years has been fashionable in several different colours.
  Biedermeier maple (a maple used in the early 19th century in Germany) now has a strong, almost yellow-orange colour.
  This is probably due to the ambering of the finishes over time.
  Victorian maple was less brilliant.
  Because maple absorbs aniline dyes so well, it is being shown today in greys, blues, and other colours in addition to browns.

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