Crotch                                         Heartgrain

Figure 1                     Figure 2

The above images represent the more decorative cuts of Mahogany preferred by cabinetmakers.

Figure 3

Mahogany heart grained door.
Please excuse the camera flash, Iím no photographer !


  Mahogany is a medium-textured wood with straight & even or interlocked grain.
  The heartwood is reddish-brown to deep red and is often exaggerated with stains or dyes.
  The crotch is produced when the trunk divides into two branches and is generally displayed upside-down, as in Figure 1.

  Its lustre and rich colour have kept it in demand for use on architectural elements and furnishings for many centuries.
  Although it is often used as a solid wood, mahogany is usually associated with the dramatic designs of veneered furniture.

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